Equalise column heights with jQuery

In which we offer a new solution to the perennial problem of column height equalisation

Ah, the perennial problem of equalising floated columns. Googling for ‘jquery equal column heights’ or similar already turns up a shipload of results, so I’m on well-trodden ground here. While there’s plenty of plugins that accomplish this and most likely work well in most cases, the solution here offers a little extra....

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Animate <pre> tag width to fit content on hover

<pre> tags are fab for showing code snippets nicely indented, but the resultant line length can end up wider than the available space of the page’s content area, leaving us with a nasty overlap, or having to resort to nasty horizontal scrollbars using overflow: auto....

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Scaling image maps

Scaling an image map's area coordinates when the target image is scaled

Recently, I was working on a project for a client that involved an image map. Without going into specifics, I’d set it up so that a tooltip would show up when a hotspot on the map was hovered over. Trouble cropped up when this was combined with a responsive layout....

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