Here are some of the websites I’ve designed and developed over the last 5 years. Plenty more in the pipeline, which I hope to be adding to this page over the next few months.

CAMHS Outcomes Research Consortium screenshot

CAMHS Outcomes Research Consortium

CORC is a collaboration of mental health professionals working with children and young people.

The website was designed and developed using the wonderful WordPress content management system, incorporating an events calendar and newsletter, and lovingly coded for the best possible display on desktop and mobile devices.

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Certitude screenshot


The Certitude group supports people with learning disabilities or mental health support needs in London boroughs and neighbouring counties.

The site was designed to be attractive and user-friendly in order to be accessible to service users as well as mental health professionals, and includes slideshows, blogs and polls, all easily updateable by site admins.

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My Choice screenshot

My Choice

The My Choice website was developed for Certitude to provide information for people with mental health problems and learning difficulties to help choose their care and support.

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Tomb with a View screenshot

Tomb with a View

I never expected to design a website for a graveyard, but this turned out to be an interesting and fun project to be part of. The site was originally set up to promote Hampstead Church’s annual flower festival, but also includes an extensive and expanding directory of the great, the good, and the not-so-good buried in the graveyard.

This site was designed and developed using WordPress, souped up to incorporate a searchable directory of the graveyard’s ‘residents’.

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Brent Mind Mental Health Directory screenshot

Brent Mind Mental Health Directory

This project was developed for Brent Mind to provide a directory of mental health services in the North West London area to help people experiencing mental health difficulties to access the support they need. All functionality was coded from scratch using the Codeigniter PHP framework.

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Loud and Clear screenshot

Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear provides mental health advocacy and promotes service user involvement in North West London.

The site was designed to provide information and support for service users and professionals.

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Green Elf Eco-Cleaning Company screenshot

Green Elf Eco-Cleaning Company

A small business providing environmentally friendly cleaning services.

Just a simple website design using the WordPress content management system.

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Hillside Clubhouse screenshot

Hillside Clubhouse

Hillside Clubhouse works to support people with mental health problems in returning to work.

This was my first commercial web design project, and the site is still going strong and being kept up-to-date 5 years later.

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